Updated December 31,2009

I had a chance to shoot for a Lingerie and Swimsuits catalog.
Here is my choice of pictures from Dare to Ware Catalog photo shoot…

Updated December 26,2009

For a long time I wanted to do something in order to help protection of animals.
Finally I did some research and became a member of Peta

Updated December 18,2009

Some Questions To Think About

Updated December 03,2009

Get my book

 “Where Your Mind Goes, The Body Will Follow”

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Updated November 16,2009

New recipe from my great friend chef Klime Kovaceski.
Stuffed Prawns

Updated October 26,2009

One more great Personal training Boot Camp
Here are the pictures from the event…

Updated October 05,2009

Olympia Weekend – September 24-27, 2009. I had a great pleasure to work for Trionix   http://www.trionix.com/  and represent their products. Here are some photos from Olympia Expo.

Updated September 14,2009

I would like to introduce my  friend Jessie

Updated September 01,2009

My Health and Fitness Lifestyle Seminar

Updated August 23,2009

NPC USA Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini – July 24-25, 2009
   I had a great pleasure working the booth and representing the Tight Curves Products.
I also enjoyed giving the trophy to the overall winner in Women Bodybuilding Category.
Here are some pictures from the event.

Updated July 21,2009

It is my great pleasure to announce that I have appearances at Professional Fitness Institute as a Fitness Celebrity Speaker. Currently appearing at PFI beside me:  Jay Cutler, Jen Hendershott, Beth Horn, Tommy Boyer-Kendrick and Fitness Twins.
Here are the pictures from the Boot Camp at Professional Fitness Institute www.pf-institute.com

Updated July 14,2009

National Strength and Conditioning Association event.
Here are some pictures from the NSCA expo.

Updated June 19,2009

My new article is featured at bodybuilding.com

What is Cellulite and What Causes it ?

Updated May 19,2009

My New Magazine Features – I am so honored to be able to contribute as a writer to Health, Bodybuilding and Fitness Magazines. Two great Magazines publish my articles - International “X Fitness”  Magazine and FunAndFitLife Magazine.  To find out more about this Magazine, please visit web site at: www.FunandFitLife.com

Updated May 06,2009

Take a look at my NEW Picture Gallery "SURPRISE"

Updated March 16,2009

International Fitness Magazine Feature - "X Fitness" - My article along with my pictures is featured in "X Fitness" Magazine March/April 2009 Issue.

Updated March 01,2009

My new article is featured at bodybuilding.com
Understand Hormones And Then Plan Your Overall Mind-Body Transformation