- Exercise increases your muscles strength, endurance, power, flexibility, shape, tone, posture and proportion.
- Exercise rehabilitates and prevents injuries and slows aging.
- Exercise keeps your metabolic rate up by maintaining muscle and thins your blood, lowers your blood cholesterol and helps sugar metabolism and blood pressure.
- Exercise reduces anxiety, tension and anger reactions to stress.
- Weight training helps bone thickness, strength and health.
- Supervised workouts can help diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, multiple sclerosis.
- Exercise pumps blood and oxygen through your joints and muscles and increases your circulation.
- Exercise improves your body composition. Obesity is related to some cancers, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other diseases. Since exercise controls obesity, it fights these diseases.
- Exercise with special breathing techniques, increases your lung power. Working out increases your abdominal, intercostal and trapezius muscle control, assisting breathing.
- Weight training and aerobics reduces back pain or prevents it in almost all cases.


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