What is Nutrition?

Nutrition is the process by which the body uses food to sustain life, for growth, for activity, and for normal functioning of every organ and tissue.
Nutrition is as absolutely essential to building a strong, healthy, great-looking body as your workouts.

There are some basic nutrients:

1.Protein,composed of various amino acids, provides the building blocks for muscle tissue. It is also a component of all organs, and is involved in the structure of skin, bones, and tendons as well as being involved in many bodily functions.
2.Carbohydrates, fuel for energy, is composed of a variety of less complex or more complex sugar and starch molecules.
3.Fats(or oils), the nutrient that contains the most densely packed energy stores.
4.Water is also an essential nutrient. It constitutes 72 percent of muscles.
5.Vitamins-essential chemicals that facilitate various biochemical reactions.
6.Minerals-essential for a number of vital body functions, including muscular contraction.


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