My diet is approximately 80 % free from junk food.

My protein intake with every meal is between
25-45 grams, consisting of one of the following:
chicken, turkey, tuna canned in water, eggs, low-fat milk.

I eat starchy carbohydrates-for example: rice, pasta,
outmeal only until mid-afternoon. I try not to eat these
things at night because I am sedentary later in the evening.
Remember, carbs=energy, if you don't use them readily, they turn to fat.

Fresh salads and fruits are my favorite food. I eat every 3 to 4.5 hrs.
Many small meals are better than a few large ones. In general I need
to cook and prepare more food ahead of time.

And on the end the most important water.
I drink plenty of water every day.

One example from my daily diet:
-meal#1: 3-5 egg whites/2 yolks; 1pcs.toast; 1 cup of low-fat milk.
-meal#2: 2-3 pcs.skinless chicken; med, bowl of brown rice; 1 cup of coffie.
-meal#3: 1 tuna canned in water; 2 baked large potatoes; green salad.
-meal#4: 1 pcs. skinless chicken; med. bowl pasta; 1 apple.
-meal#5: 5-7 egg whites; 1 cup low-fat milk; fruits(strowberry,apple,banana)